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Randazzo Law Firm

Founded in Syracuse in 1976 by the lawyers Ettore Randazzo and Marcello Randazzo

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Civil Law Founder

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Founder Criminal Lawyer


Avv.  Criminal Sector Heir Criminal

The Randazzo Law Firm

The Randazzo Law Firm, founded in 1976 in Syracuse, has long been directed in criminal affairs by the lawyer Ettore Randazzo, former president of the union of the Italian Criminal Chambers, and in civil affairs by the lawyer Marcello Randazzo, with qualified experience as a member of arbitration boards, as bankruptcy trustee and defender of members of corporate bodies, provides legal assistance and advice in various sectors of civil law. The assistance is directed to individuals but also to companies, established in corporate or individual form, operating in Italy and abroad, in the field of civil law (in particular corporate, commercial banking and tax law).

The firm, with headquarters in Syracuse and stable connections in Pozzallo (RG) and Catania, in order to guarantee its customers a quality service as complete as possible, avails itself of the cooperation of numerous collaborators, each of whom specialized in particular sectors. of law. The Civil Affairs sector, directed by the founding lawyerMarcello Randazzo, avails itself of the collaboration of Mariagrazia Gerratana, Sabrina Giuliano, Daniela Burgio, Concetta Scordia, Gianmarco Rametta, Lorenzo Battaglia, Carla Garofalo and Prat. Avv, as well as curator of the firm's public portals,Dr. Nestore Randazzo.

The criminal sector of the firm, founded and for a long time directed by'Avv. Founder Ettore Randazzo, is, following his recent death, managed and directed by his daughter who historically has always participated in criminal matters, Avv. Lucia Randazzo, who also makes use of the collaborators Avv.ti Elisabetta Guidi and Gaetano Greco.

In this way, the Firm is able to guarantee its clients judicial and extrajudicial assistance, at all levels, on the entire district of the Court of Appeal of Catania, and in particular,  dinanzi to the Courts of Catania, Syracuse, Modica, Ragusa and Caltagirone, but is also organized to follow its customers throughout the national territory.

Studio continuously follows Primary National Companies, Public and Political figures, also for the protection of the right to image, insurance and credit institutions, as well as dealing with matrimonial, inheritance, corporate, professional liability law  - with particular reference to medical negligence -, assistance in the preparation and negotiation of business contracts, corporate and financial transactions, covers, in general, every area of the Civil and Criminal sector.

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Our contact details

Randazzo Law Firm

Location:Syracuse (SR)

Address: Viale Tunisi 29 / C - 96100

Tel: 3661936025

Fax:  093135193

Pozzallo Headquarters Studio

Locality: Pozzallo (RG)

Address: Piazza Cesare Battisti 27 - 97016
Tel: 3661936025

Tel: 0932799643

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