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Estimated Agreement for Companies

The entrepreneur's career is notoriously difficult and the very term "enterprise" suggests the difficulty of successfully managing entrepreneurial activities.

It may therefore happen that the companies that meet the requirements find themselves in a state of insolvency and find themselves having to submit an application for an arrangement with creditors as an alternative to the declaration of bankruptcy.

TheRandazzo Law Firm  with headquarters in Syracuse, personally through the'Avv. Marcello Randazzoand also with the help of his collaborators, he is specialized in providing assistance to the entrepreneur in crisis and has already drawn up and presented numerous requests for arrangement with creditors both with business continuation and with final settlement, obtaining in many cases the admissibility of the same.

If your company is in a state of insolvency or "difficult periods" are foreseen, do not hesitate to contact us at one of the addresses in the above impression so as to make an appointment and meet our specialist lawyers in person.

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