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Lucia Randazzo lawyer

Graduated in Law at the University of Florence with a thesis in criminal procedure entitled "The testimony of the minor in the criminal trial". Local scientific editor for the journal Il Penalista della Giuffrè Francis Lefebvre. Founding member of La.PEC and Giusto Processo “Ettore Randazzo”. Member of the Scientific Committee of the School of the Council of the Syracuse Bar Association

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He practices the legal profession having collaborated with his father Ettore Randazzo, dealing with criminal matters - in all its articulations - (see areas of activity) since 2006 first as a legal advocate and then as a lawyer since 2009. He has collaborated with his father Ettore Randazzo and, following his untimely death, he continued his work. Member of the Scientific Coordination Committee of the III Course "Language and communication" (September October 2019 - March - April - May - June 2020 "organized by Lapec and Giusto Processo with the patronage of the National Forensic Council at The Syracuse International Institute for Criminal Justice and Human Rights.

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