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Compensation for damage deriving from medical fault

Professionals working in the health sector, such as doctors, nurses, surgeons, etc., given the particular topic dealt with, are often subjected to more or less substantiated claims for compensation from discontented patients or looking for an apparent easy gain. .

The Randazzo Law Firmassists numerous doctors and health professionals operating in the cities of Syracuse, Ragusa and Catania and provides them with the best defense both against the patient actor and against the insurance of the doctor himself as, as often happens for disputes of greater value, he may refuse to hold the trader harmless.

The firm, in cases where there is no incompatibility, and where the request for compensation is well founded, can also assume the role of defender of the injured patient, citing the great experience gained in the specific field so as to provide the best possible defense.

Professional Responsibility in General

While carrying out their professional activity, it is not uncommon for a professional to be sued in court for sustained lack of diligence in the performance of their work.

The Randazzo Law Firm specializes in assisting the client during litigation and, thanks to the great and long-standing experience gained in the sector, will be able to provide a highly qualified defense of the client's reasons.

Accident and road accidents in Syracuse, Catania and Ragusa 

Among the numerous sectors of Civil Law in which the Randazzo Law Firm has gained decades of experience, a section is dedicated to civil and criminal litigation arising from a road accident both in the role of defender of the injured party and, in the role of defender of the injured party.

Through the patronage of one of theLawyersindustry experts, loRandazzo Law Firmprovides a qualified and quality defense.

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